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The pitter patter of their feet. 
The beauty in their eyes.
They are too small to endure so much pain. 
The sadness in my heart, to imagine, 1 day in their shoes. 

You are a child of God! You are beautiful! 

Our ministry is in Grassy Park, South Africa. We are working with children that have been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  The Christian school we are helping out at has 115 students, of these 115 students 80% of them are diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Some of these children also have ADD. The children's ages range from four years old to fourteen years old. 

These children come from very poor communities.  They live in dangerous and unimaginable situations. Daily Sexual, mental, and physical abuse. For some of these children the meal they get at school is their only meal of the day. Some of them have anger issues that are really hard to deal with. It is really challenging to keep these children focused.  The teachers sometimes give up on a child due to outbursts, anger, and trying to keeping the whole class on task. This is where God has said Jayda SPARKLE AND SHINE, yes thats right I'm the art teacher, who doesn't love art. I have such a passion for art, to show these beautiful children an escape from the outside world for a little bit is what I'm here to do. Let your imagination run free! Be the child you were meant to be. 
Growing up, my mom use to tell me WHEREVER YOU GO, GO WITH ALL YOUR HEART.  My heart is here! 
I feel God puts you through situations that are uncomfortable.  He has a bigger plan.  He is teaching you how to better yourself for the next similar situation. 

Our week is fully packed with so many chances to spread the word of God! 

Monday through Friday it is a full school day.
Wednesday Nights are Family Nights at the church, families come to get a free meal and we build relationships with them. 
Friday Nights we attend a Youth Group that just started a little before we arrived here, we are helping to build it up. 
Saturdays are our off days. 
Sundays we help at the church. 

I will trust and not be afraid The Lord is my strength and my song ~ Isaiah 12:2

Thank you for keep my team and myself in your prayers. 


11 responses to “Little Hearts with so MUCH Pain”

  1. May The Lord allow you to “Sparkle and Shine” there in Africa. Do not know of any better suited to Sparkle and Shine.

  2. I’m so glad your there with these children and with your extremely happy spirit. You Sparkle and Shine darling. Teach these children how to Sparkle and Shine. May God be with you. God Bless.

  3. You yourself are beautiful.
    Know that, for all you are doing in the lives of these kids.
    Sparkle and Shine I absolutely love that phrase.
    I can’t wait to hear all your wonderful stories.
    Be Safe.

  4. Difficult heart-wrenching times indeed. Being stretched to the point of complete reliance on God is painful yet liberating. You have no idea how much your investment will mean in the lives of these kids now and in the future. They will never forget you. They will always remember your love even when they have forgotten the lessons. You will sparkle and shine in your absence for each time you sparkle and shine now. You are planting seeds of hope for them to water when you are gone. Hug lots, love lots, smile lots that is the most wonderful thing you can do. I love you and pray for your strength to continue to the end. My verses for you today are 2 Corin 12:9 and Acts 20:24 hugs and prayers Ms. K

  5. You are a remarkable young lady. You have given your life your time your love your sparkle to youngsters in such need. God is a wonderful God. You are right where he needs you to be. Right now with your sparkle and shine attitude. Renewed day by day.

  6. My little baby is growing into such an amazing young lady. Im so very very proud of you. You SPARKLE AND SHINE and leave your love with these kids. Your SPARKLE AND SHINE will not be forgotten among these kids. The gut wrenching stories you have told me about what these kids live through daily is why you are there Jayda. You are such a kind and giving person and I know you are bringing happiness to these kids. SPARKLE AND SHINE Jayda!
    I love you and miss you tons,

  7. love that your heart is getting broken for these kiddos and this country! so proud of you for choosing to believe that God is bigger and that He is moving, indeed.

    love you, jayda!