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You are more than a Label!


God has put me right next to the most beautiful children.  These children have been labeled as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children and also children with ADD.  Each one of these children are uniquely amazing and have so much to offer this big world.  THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  They are MORE THAN the Label that has been put upon them.  They have touch my heart and I will never be the same.  
These beautiful children can not prevent the negative labels all they can do is choose to remove them.  I strongly think negative labels can keep you from who you were meant to be.
What I have witnessed are children that have been told they can not succeed.  Nothing is expected of them, so at times I see that these children are giving exactly what is expected of them, NOTHING.

With love and guidance they need to be told.
My ministry has been so rewarding, loving all of these children.  They have changed me, they have opened my eyes and my heart to the understanding of how life changing a LABEL we put on someone can be.  All they need is love, support, encouragement, faith, and to know they are more than a label.
I look at them everyday and say that!
I have bonded with these kids, they love me, I love them.  How do I leave them?  This is going to be the hardest of goodbyes yet.  
Oh yah & Im kind of a big deal here in South Africa  (:
The children are telling their parents about how they love spending time with me, I love playing with them, pouring my love on them.
Some of the children's parents came up to me saying Thank you for the kindness and love your giving to the children.  WOW!  That was an awesome feeling.  
All I can say to that is God showed me these children are more than the label put upon them.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers!
I love each an everyone of y'all!
See you soon!


  1. It sounds like the kids and parents are noticing your sparkle and shine attitude. God bless you.

  2. Jayda,
    You never fail to make me cry with your blogs! I can’t even express how proud I am of you. I love you so much and I can’t wait until I get to see you. YOU ARE AMAZING!

  3. Wow Jayda,
    It is just incredible to see what God is doing in and through you. You are very awe inspiring. Always know that you are beautiful too and your beauty is certainly shining thru to all the children you meet. “The darker the room, the brighter your light will shine” and yours is certainly shining. I am so proud of you. Love you loads.

  4. What you are doing is what God compels us all to do~take His Word out to all the world. The church is not a building~it’s YOU and others like you. I am so honored that I can hear the words of your humble heart as you describe these children.

  5. Jayda!
    You Are Awesome!
    You touch everyone you come into contact with!
    Bless you, and the people you have touched!
    Be the light you were born to be! Miss and love you Lots!

  6. My Dear Sweet Jayda, My heart swells with pride everytime I read your blogs….It WILL be heartbreaking when you leave….But you must remember that you have touched hearts and they will always remember the wonderful American girl that came with love for them….You know there are many places in the USA that could use someone like you….like St. Judes childrens hospital, and many inner city places…Big brothers and sisters….You will find your calling and it will be wonderful….I know when I see you that you will be a different person, because God has touched you and you have done his work for very appreciative people….Stay on course honey….I love you Aunt Sandi.

  7. Dear Jayda
    You wonder how could it be that you are my HERO Just read all these wonderfull comments and yall lol should have your answer. Just remember GOD ! has touched your heart and you responded with love towards others, through Him. Can’t wait to see my little all grown up ANGEL!

  8. Thank you for following Jayda all these months iT HASN’T gone unoticed. LOVE your brother

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