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Please PRAY for my friend ANNIE LIPPITT

I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER, I need to ask each and everyone of you to pray for my friend in Las Vegas, Annie Lippitt.  Annie was in a car accident on October 12th.  I am going to post all of the updates that the Lippitt family has been updating us with.

At 5:30 pm Monday October 15th, Anne-Monique underwent a successful cranialectomy (sp??). She has had a rather larger portion of her skull removed to release pressure on her brain. While the operation was successful, the Doctor discovered areas that are potential areas of long term to permanent damage. But my daughter–your friend–OUR ANNIE– is a figher! She has been knocked down but she is fighting to get back up. She is not out of the woods. She needs your support. Please BELIEVE and PRAY that her LIFE and her SMILE will be BOUNCE BACK! Thank you for your support!

TUESDAY UPDATE: Anne-Monique (Annie) remains stable in all vital signs so today was a good day. Though it's hard to explain, she seems to be resting comfortably. After yesterday's cranialectomy, the reduction of pressure on the brain has seemed to just really calm her. She is no longer in pain. The current pressure on the brain is similar to a person engaged in a task or activity, which means it i

s normal! She was visited by friends today. Some cried at the sight of her condition. All held her hand and gave her comfort. When she wakes up–and she WILL wake up– your words of encouragement and cards and stuffed animals are going to strengthen her (please remember flowers are against Hospital regulations). Anne-Monique will remain in a barbituate-induced coma for the next couple of days. The real test is when she comes out of the chemically induced coma.This is the eye before the storm. Expect a LONG HAUL. Expect weeks and months of a rebound process. Expect a lot of set backs. Until then, we take comfort that she is resting comfortably. Thank you for support!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Another good day! FOUR MINOR ISSUES that showed positive developments: 1. Anne Monique's right lung's breathing tube was removed because the lung has healed 100 percent 2. Her left shoulder's healing fine. The break was clean and it's doing well with the inactivity. 3. Circulation in lower extremities stays strong– feet are warm and comfortably protected from bed sores. 4. Cosm

etic Dr. removed stitches from ear and jaw area and announced they are healing fine and expected no scarring. THREE SERIOUS ISSUES that had postive developments. 1. Vital sign were rock solid today. No spikes. That's two days in a row with solid vitals. 2. Annie needs a procedure to be done that requires her to lay flat on the bed, which naturally causes more pressure on the brain. When she was lowered to see if she was affected by this change in head position, she rested comfortably for 10 minutes with no increase in cranial pressure. Very good sign. 3. PROBABLY THE BEST NEWS IS THAT AN EARLY MORNING MRI REVEALED ACTUAL REDUCTION IN BRAIN SWELLING AND NO NEW BLEEDING! YES! Soooo… as a result of these three brain-related postives, tomorrow they anticipate taking her out of the chemically induced coma. The barbituate that put her in the coma is so powerful that it takes about 24 hours for the potency to leave Anne-Monique's body. This means we should see sometime on Friday if Anne-Monique is ready for the next step of healing. If not, she will be sedated back into a coma. Remember friends, the last time they brought her out of the coma, there was a bad reaction and her brain was affected by the increase in pressure. THERE'S NO GUARANTEE! But your PRAYERS and WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT are giving her strength… believe it! It's working! She's getting stronger! She's heading in the right direction! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

THURSDAY UPDATE: With guarded optimism, we report today was another good day. Anne-Monique certainly made some progress but in many ways today could be the lull before the storm. Why? Because the doctors simply don't know how she will respond to being without sedation. The last time she was lifted out of the coma brain damage occured. It wasn't good. But obviously, she can't stay in a medically in

duced coma for the rest of her life. At any rate, even though today Anne-Monique was taken off her chemically-induced coma, it will take at least 24 hours for the barbituate to leave her body. This means sometime after noon tomorrow (Friday), she will be able to come out of the coma—or not. If she isn't ready, then the doctors will put her back into the chemically-induced coma before any more damage can occur to her brain, and the process will start all over again. Having said that, it's important to note that there are three different factors that give us hope that tomorrow will be different than the last time. Factor 1: Anne-Monique has been in a coma for six days now instead of two. Four extra days of healing seems to matter, especially in regards to lesser injuries: lungs, ribs, shoulder and skin wounds are clearly healing. Factor 2: Her body is no longer in such a high state of shock; it seems decidely in recovery mode. She is no longer in pain, her body has relaxed, and the cranalectomy definitely has reduced her brain pressure and her brain swelling, all critical factors in the healing process. In fact, today her intra cranial pressure (ICP) level fluctuated between 5 and 9, which are the levels of a healthy person waking up and going about normal morning activities. Very encouraging! Factor 3: She has had 3 straight days of steady vital signs. Her brain pressure, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and breathing have all stabilized. She is just better. Good gracious las time when she was taken out of the coma her body was still in shock. It was only two days after the accident. (have you seen the picture of her car????) So, dear friends and supporters of Annie, tomorrow could be what we all having been praying for… or not. We shall see, we shall see! It's truly in God's hands. What we do know for sure….YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING!!! YOUR LOVE IS BEING FELT!!! SHE IS IMPROVING!!! So on behalf of Anne-Monique and ALL her different families, this is her dad saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Wells Fargo Accnt# 344 712 9820
From prayers to pocket change, I KNOW every single thing helps. 
My family started a savings/trust fund at Wells Fargo for Anne. It’s just for her, to help the financial aspect of her recovery. As much as we don't like to think about it, and as much as we'd LIKE life to just be courteous and put everything on hold until she wakes up, responsibilities are still going

 to be there. This was created so she would have one less thing to worry about when she wakes up. Anyway the account number is 
344 712 9820
If you’d like to, and if you can, please help her out, she really would do the same for any friend. 
As cliché as it sounds ANYTHING helps, dime or dollar. Just go into a Wells Fargo, give them the account number and make a donation. Thanks again for all the prayers, and love, I know the Lord is listening, and she’s really fighting her way through this, keep it going!!
God bless!

Please Pray for my friend!

If you would like to follow Annie's progress here is the face~book link that the Lippitt family has been updating.

Please Pray for Annie!


  1. Jayda,
    Your so sweet. I know Annie has been a big positive influence in your life. Your absolutely correct in the “power of prayer”, so you keep praying for her. She is very strong and will pull through this.
    I Love you,

  2. What a sad story about Annie, But it sounds like God is doing his best work for her…I will add my prayers to the list….Hope you are doing ok honeybunch….Love you Sandi…………

  3. I noticed your story on the Baltimore Ravens website for I am the biggest Ravens fan down here in Kentucky. Ray Lewis is more than just a football player in my opinion. I am a parent of 2 children myself and wanted to let you know even though I know nothing about you or your family, I will put a prayer in for you and your family. I admit, I don’t pray like I should but I will make sure I do for your family. I seen that you and your son are fans of the Ravens way out there, how cool. I will be in Baltimore this weekend at the game when the Steelers come in. I will cheer a little bit louder at the game with you in mind. Keep the faith.


    Phillip Carter

    [email protected]

  4. Our family has had a major set back in our spirits today. Annie was scheduled to fly to Craig Hospital in Colorado on Monday until the family found out that the hospital requires a $60,000 deposit. We have all been praying for her to get into this hospital as it is the best traumatic brain injury hospital in the nation. We are forced to ask for any suggestions on organizations or private citizens who could or would make any contributions to the above listed account number that is on the orginal post. Please help!

  5. I cant believe Anne got into this horrible accident. I didnt personally know her but i remember her from SVHS! My prayers go out to her and her family.

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