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Saved by GOD

Arranging team hammocks, looks pretty nice.
We know how to utilize trees for our hammocks.
What you can not see is the pillar that also was 

I thought I would lay in one of the hammocks and the 
pillar fell right on top of me.  I could not breathe, it was
super heavy and the whole thing was on top of me.
It took me a whole week to walk again without feeling
light headed.
Another week to reflect on what God is doing in my life
and through me.  I sat and could barely move, at that 
moment I realized God was saying STOP, LOOK, and 
My whole team was an amazing support for me while 
I could not walk, they prayed over me daily.  How amazing
is that, how amazing are they, how amazing is GOD.  

STOP~getting so carried away with life that you don't see 
the people who care about you.
LOOK~just look, see with your eyes who is right in front of 
you, when you walk by people do you really see them?  Stop,
Look, and Listen so you see them from this point forward.
LISTEN~to God!  He speaks to you all the time, he knows your
path before you do.  

Saved by God!


  1. Jayda,
    Poopsie you really need to be careful over there, as you can see you can’t just jump in a car and race to the hospital. So please be careful. This was very scary for me. I Love you and Im glad you are feeling better.
    Love You Lots,

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