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The BOYS of Zion’s Gate Ministry

I have spoken so much of Zion's Gate Ministry, so I thought I would introduce the boys of Zion's Gate to you.

The Boys of Zion's Gate 

Marcos: Has a very sweet side to him. He doesn't nesecarily live on the property, but he is on the property quite a bit hanging out with all the other boys on the property.

Henry: Is a very fun Honduran boy on the property. He has 2 rat tales on the back of his head and he has his own punch line "my work in the front, my party in the back." thats about his hair lol..this boy has seriously grown on everyone. He can always put a smile on anyones face. He is truly a sweet boy. 

Ariel: Literally one of the sweetest boys on this property. So calm, and so mature. He is already in his 2nd year of college. Ariel is the boy on the property that I've gotten to know better than any of the other boys. He also speaks a little English which is very good, it helped me out a lot not being able to always speak Spanish to him. He is such a hugger and a kisser lol..he is always wanting to talk or just to hang out. He has such good intentions, and such a sweet heart. He can be very affectionate. I have been here for about two months now and I haven't seen him mad yet. He is so gentle with everything he does. He is only 17 and he is probably more mature than the older kids on this property. He has so much respect for everything he does. He is a very chill person. Ariels father committed suicide, by hanging himself.  He has had to endure so much at a young age. 

Herman: has his own style, deff not a usual style you see in the Honduran culture. Its like a 'Ed Hardy' style. He also has a very sweet personality. He has been in 6th grade four times due to near the end of the school year he usually ends up going back to Los Pinos and slips back into the lifestyle of getting high with paint thinner.

Jesús: Is a quite boy at first, when he speaks what he says is very wise and knowledgable. He is not a boy that likes conflict of any kind. He is married.

Christopher: Christopher is a very sweet boy, he always has such a good attitude and is really never negative. He loves having serious talks as well as goofing around with people. He adores playing soccer with Henry and Ariel and some other boys. He loves joking around with people. He is also in college.

Carlos: a very active boy that doesn't know when enough is enough, but whenever you don't expect it he can be a super caring person. Carlos has a younger brother named Fernando. Carlos sometimes has a little temper, but it usually doesn't last long.  Carlos has lived a tough life and just needs to know love and kindness.

Fernando: Is sometime very hot tempered, which usually doesn't last long, he is Carlos's younger brother.  He has very kind moments.  He just needs a big hug and lots of love.  He has had a very tough life, that no one could even imaging.

Luis: He is a very wonderful boy, he has such an awesome personality and he is just such a fun person to just be around. He loves playing a good game of soccer with friends and is also in College. He is a very delightful person to be around. The whole time I've been in Honduras I have noticed that he usually always has a big smile on his face. He has a blow-out hair cut. He can deff pull it off.

William: he is a very sweet and passionate boy, he doesn't exactly live on the property of Zion's gate. His mom actually owns a chicken restaurant right in front of Zion's gate. William is at Zion's gate enough to live on the property though. Once he comes over for the day, he doesn't leave until its super late at night. His mom is a very sweet woman, she tends to know me so well due to how much I go to her chicken restaurant. I have had a little too much chicken on this mission. All natural chicken.

Anderson: Anderson is literally one of the most precious boys on the property. He is only 7 years old he is such a great child. He is the sweetest boy, he has such an amazingly big heart (the entire time after my accident he would just randomly come up to me and give me hugs). Even though he doesn't tend to live in the best environment, he always has fun doing whatever he happens to be doing. If that means running around with his best friend (William) then thats what he is doing. Anderson is usually always with William, they are the cutest of friends. Sometimes they can be little pests, but boys will be boys.  I love Anderson, like a brother.

Tony: he is literally the most amazing man I've ever met. He is seriously such an amazing person, everything he does, he does out of the kindness of his heart. He makes sure that all the boys are well fed and have a place to lie their heads at night. He makes sure that they get all there chores done and that they are in the best Christian schools in Honduras. Most of the boys on the propsrty are on a full scholarship in Christian schools thanks to Tony. The boys have it very easy on this property..they are constantly around a lot of faith and love daily!! The boys are also getting a fatherly figure as well, something that most of them never experience. It is a very big deal to have a fatherly figure to all of these kids. The culture here is very different from anywhere else, fathers never stick around to father their children. Tony is deff someone to look up to, he is truly an inspiration to me and I'm positve that all these kids absolutely love having him in their lives.
Nidia: Is a very sweet, kind, gentle, and loving woman that always no matter what looks at things from a very positive perspective. She always has a smile on her face and she also plays the part of a mother to all of the boys. She is an inspiration to all of the boys and me as well.  She also works with girls that happen to live at the orphanage. She cooks all of the meals at Zion's gate for the boys.

Those are the Boys of Zion's Gate, and also a HUGE Thank you to everyone who helped to support the "Project-Get-Tony-A-Car", you all helped to raise $5,560.00 in just 1 week.  That is amazing, and he now can buy a new/used car.

 God is good! 


  1. Jayda,
    I love this blog, it is nice to see who you are living with. Sounds like God is doing great things with these boys, working through Tony, you, and your team~mates. I am very very proud of you. Sparkle and Shine JJ!
    Love you so much,

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