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The Village of Teupasenti

The Village of Teupasenti is where we spent the last week, a culture all its own.
We slept indoors, no tent!  Although I have come to appreciate my tent, sleeping indoors was very nice.
We spent the week ministering to the people of the village, painting a mural on the church, cleaning up and painting painting painting.

The Blank Canvas for our Mural

And we begin

The finished Mural for the church's Anniversary.

All of the helping hands 

After a hard days work, bath time was great!  Talk about a 
BIG BATH TUB! There is no running water in the Village so
this is it!  It really was fun and an experience.

This is where my EYE'S were opened really big to a different culture.  There are so many things we take for granted and don't even blink or think about it.  We drive to the grocery store and buy a whole chicken already cut up for us.  My team and I got a first hand experience of how dinner is made here.  

Making Tortillas, Im a pro!

We got to see a parade in the village while we were there.

So that was my week in the village, I experienced so much.  I am very blessed.  This will be my last week in Honduras, then I'm off to Thailand.  I am going to miss Honduras so much, all of the amazing people here.  I'd like to say THANK YOU to Tony and Nidia, you both are a GOD send and such an amazing asset to the boys of Zion's Gate, Los Pinos, and our Immersion team.  I Love You!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support!


  1. God is doing amazing things through you and your team. I’m praying for your team and your safe trip to Thailand. Keep us all updated. Enjoying your blogs.

  2. Jayda,
    We Really miss you! I hope that you are getting a life experance! Remember that you are blessed with what you are doing! The people you meet have no clue as to what you have in the USA! I hope that you respect everyone and their culture! Cuz as you know we have it good at home! Never forget what you have, and give what the Lord has given you!
    I can’t wait to hear all of your stories! May God be with you and your adventures!Until Next Time!
    Love Uncle Trev! Peace!

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