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So I have been in Honduras for 10 days and I absolutely love Honduras, my Team, the people of Honduras, and I most of love seeing how GOD is doing amazing things through all of us. 

This week we went to a local Honduran church service and it was a great experience.  We were jam packed in the church.  The worship was GREAT!  It was in Spanish and just something I will never forget.

Well, let me take you on my journey so far, here is my home for the next 3 months! Im in the pretty grey and orange tent, next to the tan tent.  Yes, this is my humble abode.  & I honestly LOVE it, at night the sounds of nature put you right to sleep.

This is how I relax after a long day of spreading the words of the Lord.

This is the prayer wall on grounds, I think it is simply amazing!! "BELIEVE" "LOVE" God is Good!

This is where we have WORSHIP, such a great experience to really Worship the Lord.  

Living in a tent and washing my clothes on a old fashioned washing contraption, it works! A stain stick what's that??? Good old tough scrubbing…thats how its done.

The view from my back yard, let me tell you, it is so peaceful and beautiful.

They have COCA COLA here although you do not get it in a can, it comes in a plastic bag with a straw…

Church on Sunday!! <3

Here are some pictures of the cute little boys and girls at the school we are helping at.
These girls are Precious!

These cute boys are playing marbles.

Well, this is how our hike to the river starts out, it looks all nice, we are laughing and having fun.  Excited for what sounds like a great adventure… Well, adventure it was

If you want to see video of our adventure, it is on my face-book page.  
So we start out on our hike, I wore my flip flops, not a great idea.  So excited for the adventure we start out on a nice walk through the fields, which then turns into the jungle with a one by one trail.  We were walking, crawling, and running through the areas with biting ants.  OUCH, is all I can say about that.  
We finally made it to the river, cliff jumping here we come!!! But wait the boys were standing in the water and the water was only waist deep, this did not look safe at all.  It started to rain out so we thought what was going to be a short hike, it took us 2 hours to get here and it was getting dark that we better get heading back, back down the slippery rock wall to the water only to go up the rock we just jumped down from.  
The water was so muddy you couldn't see where you were stepping or if anything was lurking in the water.  
We then were going through the canal and one of the boys said don't touch the rocks, he hit the wall and two spiders the size of my hand ran across the rock wall, these are poisonous spiders that also walk on water.
Well, if you know me you know Im afraid of little tiny baby spiders and can you imagine HUGE daddy spiders, well here come the WATER WORKS, I was so scared I could not stop crying.  I was frozen, scared, and crying like a baby.

Ok this SPIDER picture might be exaggerated a bit but in my mind thats how big they were.
Its getting dark out and we are in a canal with HUGE poisonous spiders and Im in my flip flops.

We made it back to safety, what an adventure minus the spiders and flip flops. 

Thank you for coming along on my journey with me, I appreciate each and everyone of you!  I love and miss y'all!  Be sure to check out the video of our hike on my facebook.

6 responses to “Honduras through my eyes”

  1. Jayda,

    I love and miss you!
    I know God has you right where he needs you.
    Poor Jayda with the spiders lol, you don’t like the baby spiders,
    I can only imagine. Your screams probably scared them away.
    The video on your face-book is cute-I started crying when you
    started crying in the video.

    Love you jj,

  2. What you are doing is a great thing for people who need to know there are people who care. I was looking at the organization you are with and think
    I might really look into going on a mission myself, keep updating your blog so I can see more on what the organization does Thank you for blessing Honduras.

  3. Im lovin all the cool pictures Jayda, the prayer wall seems pretty cool,
    Stay safe, your always in our prayers.