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Let go of your fear so God can SPEAK, I mean really speak…

To each and everyone who has prayed for me, supported me mentally and financially.  I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart,heart without your support I would not be leaving in T-minus… 7 days for Honduras, then 3 months in Thailand, and finally 3 months in South Africa.  

If God is for us, who can ever be against us? -Romans 8:31

I have so many stories to tell all of you, so sit back and enjoy, God has been blessing me BIG TIME!

So you may or my not know, I sponsor a little girl in Ecuador, with my Grama.  Well, how amazing is this I GOT TO MEET HER, thats right!  My Amazing Grand-parents, God, and The Crossing Church all made it possible.  What a heart touching moment, never to be forgotten.  
Her name is Mayte Carolina Mora Garcia, she is perfect, so pretty, artistic, happy, carefree.  

Isn't she precious!  A piece of my heart was left in Ecuador with her.  In this picture is Carolina, Carolina's mother, our amazing translator, my Grandma, and myself.  I am so blessed to have gotten the chance to meet Carolina.  WOW!

Well, what can I say this is the Ecuador Mission Group. BOOM SAUCE, this word might not be in the dictionary yet!  The meaning: Awesome, Fantastic, & Amazing.  That sums up our Ecuador Mission Group in two words.  Thank you all for making my first mission trip unforgettable and Thank you to Pastor Lee Coate for the new word, also Compassion International you are amazing all I can say is YOU ARE A GIFT FROM GOD!

The Crossing (my church) GO YOU'LL LOVE IT!

7950 West Windmill Lane 
Las Vegas, NV. 89113

Straight from Ecuador I left my mission group in Miami and continued onto the hot humid state of Georgia for my 9 month mission trip, training camp.  

This is "TENT CITY", I can now put a tent up and take it down in record time.

1 week of training camp, 1 week of sleeping in a tent, 1 week of cooked meals, 1 week of Worship, 1 week of connecting with amazing people from all over and this is what you get…

One large family, we will all be going to Honduras for the first 3 months together.  How beautiful, all brought together so God can use us in so many different way.

Worship WOW! All I can say is God is good!   This for me was the most amazing part of the whole camp.  We were all one with God, really we were.  BOOM SAUCE!  Never in my life have I experience anything like this. I Loved It!


Squad 1-Blue team
No one held back it was blue blue blue



This is my NEW FAMILY.
Nikki, Elliot, Andrea, ME (:
Abby,& Brian
after our first 3 months in Honduras, it will just be the 6 of us in Thailand and South Africa.  Spreading the word of God.


Adventure in Missions is one Amazing Organization!

Its not over yet….
On the airplane ride home a family of 3 was scattered all over the plane in different seats, they asked a lady behind me if she would switch them seats so they could sit together, listen to how God works….
So this lady that wasn't suppose to sit next to me was put in the seat right next me.  I was reading my Bible, I'm a little shy when it comes to speaking about scriptures from the Bible, I get scared I might say the wrong thing but not this day, God held my hand and we spoke.  I wasn't scared, I didn't second guess what I was saying, I just spoke.  Come to find out she is also a strong believer in Christ and has always wanted to go on a mission trip, so I gave her the Adventure in Missions and The Crossing information.  We traded phone numbers and she told me if I ever need anything to call her, she walked to the baggage claim with me, she wanted to meet my mom to tell her that she had done an amazing job raising me.  My mom started crying in the airport, we all hugged and went our seperate ways.  While my mom couldn't stop crying, we walked to the car and my mom said Jayda I'm so proud of you!
Greta, You touched my heart, your a wonderful person! 



  1. so great to hear about all of the amazing things the Lord is doing in and through you, jayda!

    can’t wait to see you so soon!

  2. Jayda I am so excited for you! All these stories are so awesome and personalized to you 🙂 Can’t wait to be with you so we can build on this list of amazing experiences!

  3. Ashley, I’m so excited, I get to see your smiling face very soon!

    Elliot, I know God is going to do amazing with us all, I’m very happy
    your our group leader. See you soon.

  4. Jayda this is truely amazing this is so cool. You are really becoming a great person physically, mentally and spititually. Im so proud of you!!!! Keep it up.

  5. Dear Pinto,
    I wish you well, and all your new friends too. I’m sure God will be watching over all of you. Have fun, keep your
    blog going, so we know what’s going on in your life. I truly respect what you are doing.

    I Love You

  6. Jayda,
    Treasure every moment! Be Wonderful! I’m proud of you,
    I know your going to do amazing things. Be Safe!

  7. Hey Jayda,
    I haven’t talked to you in forever. & I happen to come across this through annies page. But looks like your doing great and its amazing to see what you have been up too. Hope your mom & family are doing well.

    -PITA 🙂

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